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When discussing your commission before purchasing, I will endeavour to create a list of everything you have requested. If both parties agree to this list, then I will create an invoice with the list included. By paying for the invoice, you agree to that list and are aware that changes to that agreed list may incur extra charges and halt work (if started).You also accept that I may take a screenshot of both of us agreeing to the list of requirements to serve as proof of agreement.


Until Artistree.io allows for GBP to be used on their site, I will use a google form to collect the commission requests of users if we do not discuss the commission via dms.If you do use the order form, I request that you contact me via dms on telegram, discord (or via group chat/server on discord) or twitter so that I am aware that you have filled the form in.In the cases where I only leave the form open for a week, I will check periodically. In the case where I leave it perpetually open, I will not check as frequently, so will require you to contact me! To be safe, always contact me if you fill in a request.


Hamster Forge is an LGBTQ+ and minority friendly company. I am an LGBTQ+ woman myself so I understand the importance of being accepted by artists. I will happily draw LGBTQ+ characters as well as people of colour and of different ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. I will also happily draw characters (both POC and non-POC) in LGBTQ+ couples/relationships.POC characters may require me to make a few extra passes at the sketch phase as I'm not as experienced in drawing them! So please be patient and I shall do my best!


I will happily draw fan art as a commission for you. In the cases where I do not know the series, characters or person, I may ask you for additional information and references (such as personality traits and their likes and dislikes).If the piece is of a series I like, or if I really like how the piece turns out, I reserve the right to make prints out of and sell reproductions of the fanart piece. If you would like me not to do so, please let me know and we can either negotiate or I will make sure not to do so.If your character is in the fan art piece and I wish to sell a copy of the piece, I will either ask permission for me to do so or I will remove/change your character so it is not recognisable as your character. This is negotiable and can be discussed.


'Gender-Bending' is drawing a character as a different gender to what they are canonically depicted. I am usually ok with doing this as I have been known to draw 'gender-bent' characters myself for fun. I actually really enjoy designing alternate versions of characters costumes in these cases.Example - draw a male character as a female.'Race-Bending' is drawing a character as a different race to what they are canonically depicted. I am NOT okay with changing the race of any character in this way. The one exception to this is if I am depicting someone else COSPLAYING as that character. In this case, I am ok with it as it is not the original character who's race has been changed.'Shipping' in the art sense, is when 2 or more characters are depicted in a relationship. This may be canon or non-canon. I am usually ok with shipping as long as it follows a few rules.Underaged characters may be shipped with another minor or as character within 3 years of their age - these depictions must be SFW as I will not draw these characters in NSFW situations.Characters over the age of 18 (that follow my NSFW policy) may be shipped with other characters over the age of 18. These ships may be depicted as NSFW (See my NSFW policy for more details on what I will and will not draw) or SFW.I will not draw real people shipped with other real people, nor will I draw art of real people shipped with fictional characters.Finally, I will draw sonas and OCs in a ship with a fictional character, non-canon and canon ships as well as LGBTQ+ ships.


If you enquire or purchase a NSFW piece off me, I may ask to see valid ID/proof of being over the age of 18 - Especially in person. If it is online, I may also require to see ID (this may be deleted after being shown). However, I understand that it is possible to show ID that doesn't belong to you online. By accepting and paying the invoice for a NSFW piece, you acknowledge and agree that you are over 18. If it should turn out that you are under the age of 18, you understand that I have the right to black list you from future commissions and to let other artists know of your behaviour so that they may also black list you.I will not and never will make NSFW (Not Safe For Work) artwork of underaged characters (including characters that look underage) and feral (non-anthropomorphic animals). This means I will not create NSFW artwork of your 5000 year old loli demon. I MAY make NSFW of aged up characters if the aged up character appears to be an adult and it is clear they are an adult. I reserve the right to refuse to draw the requested subject matter so please ask before buying and tell me exactly what you are after. I can then advise you on what I will and will not draw.If you purchase a NSFW reference sheet of a human-like or anthro animal character, I will draw a feral version on that reference sheet but only as a SFW view.
Example - A NSFW human female reference sheet has a dragon form where she is literally a dragon. This dragon form may be added to the NSFW version of the reference sheet but it will not have visible genitalia.
As a personal policy, I will never draw NSFW of feral characters or underaged characters (furry or human). All NSFW scenes must be consensual - I will not and never will draw sexual violence or sexual crimes.I will not draw sexual relations between feral characters and any other type of character (anthro, human, feral, etc.). I will also, never draw a human character having sexual relations with an anthro character - while this one is deemed 'less bad' by the art community, I personally am not comfortable with drawing it. I will draw anthro characters having sexual relations with other anthro characters and humanoids with humanoids.I am open to drawing some kinks, but not all. Most of the time this will be a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to ask and I will not shame you for your request.Examples of kinks and scenes I WILL draw - bondage, cosplay, tentacle, lactation (non-pregnancy), mild asphyxiation, latex, BDSM relationships, poly amorous scenes, monogamy scenes, foreplay and oral, SOME toys, ejaculation, squirting (non-urine based), anal, multiple penetration, X-Ray & internal views, vanilla, various positions and poses, basic & artistic nudity.


Please note, the prices on my commissions price list are for PERSONAL USAGE commissions ONLY. If you would like to purchase a piece that you wish to use for monetisation or as part of an advertising campaign, as a business related piece, you may purchase a licence for a completed piece at an additional cost.In the case of a brand new commission, I can make a personalised quote to include the license and ownership contract. Please see monetisation and licensing for more details.My prices are based around average times it has taken me to create previous works as well as demand. Roughly I aim to make £12-£15 an hour and thus, my prices reflect this. I am a full-time, self employed artist and crafter and therefore must charge at least minimum wage for skilled work. I do not do this as a hobby - this is my job.Prices are subject to increase, decrease, or or change and I may or may not publicly inform people of the price change - dependent on how much I am changing. Large changes will likely cause me to make a public post. Small changes (such as correcting a mistake, or changing one price slightly) may not cause me to make a public post.Invoices for commissions are priced at the CURRENT listed prices. If I run a sale after you have been issued an invoice, you will not be refunded the price difference, nor will I alter the invoice to reflect the sale or reduction. This also goes for price increases. If you are issued an invoice and then I later increase the prices, you will not be charged extra, nor the invoice changed.In the case of you receiving a quote for a commission, that quote is valid for a period of 3 months unless otherwise agreed. After a period of 3 months (or the agreed time), that price is subject to change.If you purchase a commission and then later on return to buy another commission, you will not be able to buy a commission at the old prices if they have changed. You will only be able to buy commissions at the CURRENT prices. Current prices can be found HERE.Invoices may be corrected and prices may alter if there is a mistake (such as an additional 0 is added, or the shipping is incorrect). These alterations will be shown with screenshots and agreed upon by both parties.The only other time an invoice may be changed or you may be charged extra is for additional edits/alterations that are not covered by the basic policy or if materials suddenly increase. These will be agreed upon by both parties BEFORE any changes/extra invoices are created.Discounts will only be applied if agreed upon by BOTH parties and in special circumstances. These are on a case by case basis.


Currently, I am only accepting payment for online commissions via PAYPAL. Once Artistree.io has implemented the ability to use GBP as a currency, I do intend to slowly migrate over to their platform (which currently allows PAYPAL and STRIPE).I do NOT accept payment for commissions with subscriptions or donations via Twitch, Sound Alerts, Stream Elements or similar products I may use on my stream.I DO accept payments for commissions via cash or card payments (iZettle) when in person at events and conventions. You may also pay via paypal invoice in person. If you partially pay for a commission in person and partially on paypal invoice, the invoice will show the full price on the invoice with a reduction removed at the end of the invoice (this can be seen near the shipping costs and sub totals section of the invoice) - this is for tax records. You will not be charged for the part you have already paid for twice.In the case of PAYPAL invoices, you may request a partial payment system. This allows you to pay in small chunks of as little as £20. You may make these payments as often or as infrequently as you'd like. A time frame will be given for the full payment to be received. This is to avoid cases of me increasing prices and your commission feeling like it is underpaying me.Time frames will be agreed upon by both parties and extensions to the time frame will also be agreed upon by both parties. Should a commission not be paid off fully by the end of the agreed time frame (and no agreement can be made, I reserve the right to refund you fully and remove you from my queue.If a payment is to be made via paypal, I only accept payments via the invoice system or via goods and services. Sending money for commissions and goods via 'Friends and Family' is a violation of Paypal ToS and prevents both parties from having paypal protection. It is also for tax purposes on my end, so that I can have the transaction as a business transaction.I will never charge you for paypal fees or card machine fees. In return, I therefore will not pay for your fees when should you be issued a refund.


Shipping prices are NOT included in the prices shown on the commissions price list page.Shipping must be agreed upon BEFORE paying for a physical copy of an item. This is so I may calculate costs for your region. If you would like to buy a physical copy of an artwork after it has been started/completed, a further invoice will be generated once the shipping costs have been calculated.Items will not be posted out until AFTER shipping costs have been paid.Shipping costs are not determined by me, and therefore I have no control over their costs if you deem them to be too expensive.You may pick up your physical copy (such as a badge or stickers) at in person events and conventions if previously agreed upon at no extra cost. Items will not be handed over to people other than yourself unless previously agreed upon and that person shows proof of a conversation with you.You will always receive a digital copy of your commission so in the case of you being unable to afford shipping, you are welcome to print a copy of your commission for your own PERSONAL use. For monetised merchandising of your commission, please see the monetisation & Licensing section of the ToS as well as the Ownership of Work section of the ToS.


You may request a refund at any time during the commission process and if no work is started - I will refund you the full amount. If no work has started and it is within a reasonable timeframe, (within 6 months) I will of course refund you with no questions asked. If work has been started (even if it is just a very basic sketch) I may keep part of the payment to pay for lost time and the work that has been completed so far. If the piece is completed you will not receive a refund. In the case where I do not have the full funds to pay you for your refund, you accept that I will be able to refund you in partial payments that we will agree upon - ESPECIALLY if you paid in partial payments yourself.If your commission requires specialist materials or materials I have to physically source and these materials have been purchased, I reserve the right to partially refund you and keep the cost of the materials in question should you request a refund. This is even if I have not begun work on your artwork.Should you request a refund and open a case with paypal AFTER work has been FULLY COMPLETED to the previously agreed upon degree, I reserve the right to black list you from further commissions and warn other artists of your behaviour.If you receive a refund for a partially finished or completed commission, I reserve the right to reuse the commission for someone else, my own personal use, sell it as a YCH, sell it as base, make and sell prints of the artwork and other merchandise to regain the losses from your refund. I will of course change the character in the image to not be one of yours.By accepting a refund, you understand that I do not owe you work for that commission in question. If other commissions have been bought but not refunded by you, you will still receive those commissions unless they too, are refunded.In the case of your account being deleted (on whichever platform we have been talking on) and no alternate method of contact is supplied / you make no attempt to contact me and inform me / I attempt to contact you and get no response for a period of 6 months or longer after a full payment or partial payment, I reserve the right to only partially refund you (to take into account the time I have taken to contact you) or not refund you at all (if I cannot contact you at all/receive no contact from you for 12 months). I will not go chasing after you on other platforms. It is your responsibility to make sure that I am able to contact you with updates.You accept that when I pay the refund, I will not pay for the initial paypal fees or pay for the fees on the refund. Refunds will only be processed via Paypal for safety and will be processed as a 'goods and services' payment. This is for tax purposes and to comply with Paypal ToS.


By accepting these ToS you understand that I also work on non-art related commissions (sewing related commissions and eventually VTUBER rigging) as well as stream and make youtube videos. This means that I won't always be working on art commissions and split my work/time evenly between all areas of my life. Some weeks I will also stream games or may make personal art instead of commissioned art. This does not mean that I won't be working on art, I'm just taking some time to relax a bit. I may also take a random day or 2 days off (and I will usually inform you if it will affect a day where I'll be working on your commission) to have a break and just play games with friends or myself.I am not a machine and do need some down time, so if you do happen to see me playing games instead of doing work, that doesn't mean I'm not getting to your commission. Usually, I will tell you when I will be working on your commissions in dms, and if I need to change this schedule for whatever reason, I will also inform you.If I have many requests that overfill my queue, I may opt into putting you on a waiting list. This means that you will get first priority on a queue slot when I reopen again.In the case where you have opted into a partial payment system for your commission, you will not be put on a waiting list, instead you will be placed at the bottom of the queue and will remain there until the commission is paid off. Once your commission is paid off you, will then rise up the queue as the work infront of you is started/completed.In the case of several people opting into a partial payment system, I reserve the right to open up for other commissions while I wait for everyone on the partial payment system to complete payments.Currently, my queue will consist of 5 vacant slots (with the potential to increase to 10 slots, if several people must use the partial payment system) If I have too many people using partial payments, I may refuse your request or put you on a waiting list.In the case of someone securing a commission slot, but does not pay, or the commission gets cancelled, the next person in the queue shall fill their spot and a new person my fill the bottom of the queue. If you are at the top of the waiting list, you may fill that spot. If I am not operating a waiting list at that time, I will open for commissions to fill that slot.When opening for commissions I will aim to leave the request form open for 1 week. After that week I will assess all of the requests and talk to the potential clients. If I have too many requests, I may open a waiting list and put people in the order that they applied. If I do not fill my slots fully, I will leave the commission request form open.


I work on more than just art commissions and so my time is split fairly evenly between all aspects of my life. This means I rarely get days off and can mean that my production time is much slower than other artists. If you do not like slower turn-arounds, then I would suggest an alternative artist as I generally can't guarantee a specific date for a deadline.If you request a specific deadline BEFORE the commission has been agreed upon and you pay promptly, I can absolutely work to a deadline. If no specific deadline is specified, the art will be done as and when I am able to in the order of my queue.In the case where I have someone in the top of the queue who is slow to reply or in a different time zone, I may opt in to working on multiple commissions at once but usually, I prefer to work on one at a time.Please be aware that if you are unhappy with how long you have been waiting, you are absolutely fine to request a deadline that is reasonable and fair, request an alternate commission or request a refund. In the case of a refund my refund policy will be followed - if work has begun, you may only receive a partial refund. If no work has begun, you may receive a full refund. Please read the refund policy for full details and terms on full and partial refunds.Currently, I do not offer a rush order or queue jumping system.During the process of making your commission, you will receive updates at various points. Some updates may be simple 'I will be working on your piece on this day'. You will also receive works in progress (WIPs) of your commission at vaarious stages of production. The most obvious times you will receive these updates will be at the initial sketch phase (to get the pose and expression right), the refined sketch phase (the final sketch before inking), finished inks, the flat colours and then shading (although sometimes I will shade before sending a colours WIP). Sometimes you may receive more WIPs (If I need to do more alterations or if I am having trouble with something like a pose) and sometimes you may receive fewer. You will always receive one at the sketch phase though.


During the commission process, you as a client, are able to make a number of requests for me to change elements of the piece. In the event of an alteration being made, I will also send a WIP to show the correction.I do not have a set rule for the amount of corrections I make on a piece as it is very much a case by case basis, however, unreasonable amounts of alterations (where you ask for an excessive amount) may incur an additional charge to account for the extra time. Please see my harassment policy for more details on what this situation may look like.Generally, I allow for around 3-5 alterations during the process and 1 or 2 alterations AFTER a commission has been completed (in the cases where I have accidentally missed something). when it comes to alterations, I kindly ask that instead of sending me one thing to alter, and use up all your passes in one go, give me a list of alterations you would like me to do as this would all get done on one pass! It also makes my life easier knowing exactly what you want too! Be as concise and detailed on your desired changes.You may request changes for things like, expression at the sketch phase, a change of colour on elements and other similar small things. Changes that are not necessarily acceptable are things like asking for me to redraw the pose when I'm at the colouring phase, asking me to swap the character for another after production has already begun and large changes similar to these that require large amounts of time to correct. They are still doable but they may require an additional fee to account for the loss of time.After a period of 1 week after the completion of a commission, I will no longer accept free alterations to a piece and will only complete alterations at an additional cost. This is because I will have moved onto other projects by this point.


I reserve the right as the artists, to post and share your commission online to my public galleries, social media and use your piece as an example in my portfolio, price sheets and in negotiations with other clients. If the character is one of your own personal characters, or belongs to another party, I will never claim the character as my own.If you would like me to NOT post your artwork online or in any of the above instances in this section, you must let me know as dependent on the situation, I MAY ask for a slight extra fee for not being able to post the piece in my portfolio or use the piece as an example. This fee will be no more than an extra 10% of the final commission price.In most cases I will not ask for the fee and will happily comply with your request.You may also request that your commission only be shared with a watermark over the piece - I will also happily comply with this request and supply you with a watermarked version at no extra cost.Additionally, you may also request for to not post to a particular site (e.g, you'd be fine with me posting your piece everywhere except telegram) as long as you give a valid reason (e.g you have had artwork stolen there, you have been chased off that platform, that platform makes you uncomfortable, you do not agree with a platform's ToS, etc.) and you are not satisfied with a watermarked version being posted there.Currently I use the following places to post examples and previous work:
- Telegram (my gallery channels and in group/solo chats)
- Twitter
- Twitch (where I stream)
- Youtube (where I host my speedpaints and stream VoDs)
- Deviant Art (currently the gallery is empty and not being used)
- Artistree.io (Currently unused but will be in the future)
- My Websites (both personal and business)
- Discord (in the hamster forge server, in other servers and in discord dms and group chats)
- Etsy (I may open for art commissions via Etsy in the future)
- Carrd (As examples and in my price sheet)
- In my printed portfolio (for in person clients)
- In my prints/examples book (for in person clients and attendees at events)
I reserve the right to stream the production of your piece on my Twitch channel. You may request for me to NOT make it on stream and I will happily comply.I reserve the right to make videos/speedpaints and record the production of your commission to post to my Youtube channel. You may request for me to NOT record/post it online as a video and i will happily comply.I will not always stream commissions and it is up to my discretion if I wish to do so or not. I will not be pressured into streaming you piece if I do not wish to or have other plans for that stream. I of course, cannot stream or make videos of NSFW pieces as this violates the ToS of both Twitch and Youtube. The only exceptions may be things like gore and violence but it is usually a case by case basis.


Unless you specifically request a monetisation licence for the commissioned art (please see monetisation & licensing), all commissions purchased through me, using the price list listed on this carrd or Artistree.io are for PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. You are not to make merchandise, monetise, use the piece in advertising and promotions without prior permission. (please see monetisation & licensing)If you would like to do any of the above things, then you must discuss with me how you wish to use the work. In alot of cases I will happily allow you to use it in those cases but, in some cases I will ask for you to buy the license for the artwork (please see monetisation & licensing).As the artist of the commission, I retain some rights (specifically for copyright) towards the image as a whole. If your character is within the image, you of course retain ownership of that character. I reserve the right to repost the art in accordance to the posting and advertising policy. Please read this section for more details.You may purchase full rights to the artwork if you would like. Just ask and we can discuss it!


If you would like to make money off your commission (as merch or digital assets), use it as branding, in advertising or other forms of non-personal use means, I ask that you inquire about this BEFORE purchasing you commission so that it can be discussed. If you decide AFTER a commission has been started or after it has been completed, that you would like to make money off your commission (as merch or digital assets), use it as branding, in advertising or other forms of non-personal use means, a further agreement can still be made but may incur an extra charge.You may also purchase full rights to the work, meaning that I sign over my rights as the artist to you the client and must seek permission from you if I would like post the piece in public galleries. However, even in these instances, I do still keep the right to add the commission to my printed portfolio and all credits as the artist will remain intact. You purchasing full rights, does not mean that you may claim the work as your own. Once you have purchased full rights, you may do whatever you wish with the artwork as it is fully yours.Most of the time, this section will not apply to you or your commission as most commissions are for personal usage. In the case where you would like make money (monetise) off the work I make for you, I may ask you for an increased fee ontop of what I charge for my commissions usually.It is entirely on a case by case basis and needs to be discussed and negotiated upon. In all cases a contract will be drawn up by me where I will outline the usage clauses. This is to protect both parties.At this time I rarely accept a percentage of earnings as payment for monetisation and licensing as these are unreliable and in most cases, the client disappears and does not uphold their end of the contract.In some cases I will not ask for any fee for monetisation and simply just give permission. In these cases a contract can still be drawn up if required by you, the client.If it should later be discovered that you supplied with incorrect information, I reserve the right to revoke my permission if no contract is made.At this time, I do not sign NDAs in regards to commissioned work so that I may protect myself should the situation surrounding the commission fall into the harassment category of the ToS


All adopts I make will either be drawn from scratch or on my own bases that I have made.In all cases, you are permitted to use the characters you buy from me for personal usage! If you would like to monetise your character, (dependent on the desired monetisation method) I may request an increased price so that you will get full ownership rights and monetisation rights.If you purchase an adopt without this license, you still own the character. In most cases where you ask for permission for making your character monetisable, I will simply sign over the rights without a fee. However, it is a case by case basis and entirely dependant on the intended usage of that character.After the purchase of a character, I may make small changes for you, but these must be discussed BEFORE purchase and agreed upon by both parties. Some major changes may be made if agreed upon BEFORE purchase, but may incur an increased fee to account for the time taken to make the alteration.Once you have purchased the character, you may resell that character if you desire. I cannot stop you from reselling at a higher value than you paid but I kindly ask that you do not charge more than what you paid for the adopt. This is to prevent scalping and creating a toxic marketplace. If there is extra art supplied with the character in the sale, then you may of course charge additional money to cover the cost of the art.Once you have purchased a character, you may change or alter the character as you see fit. You may also depict the character how you see fit in other artworks.You must not claim that you are the creator of that character and proper credit to Hamster Forge must be supplied when people ask where that adopt is from.


Hamster Forge occasionally will offer Free To Use (F2U) and Pay To Use (P2U) bases on various platforms for sale/free download. These bases will be made by me.In accordance to fair use rules, you are permitted to make artwork on those bases for personal use, for sale and for free gifts. Characters and art made on Hamster Forge bases must be transformative and comply with Fair Use Rules in the UK. This means you cannot repost, resell the blank base, claim it as your own or provide artwork or characters with minor changes that are not recognisably transformative.In all cases, bases must retain the Hamster Forge logo and credits. These may be moved but not removed or edited. You must always credit the bases to Hamster Forge in the description of wherever you post the finished artwork.Although I cannot stop you, I kindly request that you do not flood the art market with base fills, whether it be my bases or not as this can harm the art eco system and hurt artists that may have got a commission or sale on their work from scratch. You are encouraged to only use bases in a responsible way and not as a cash grab.In regards to my own commissions and work, I will never use another artist's bases to make artwork. all work is my own and often from scratch. I may in some cases use my own bases that I have made (if someone has requested the exact same expression/pose on a telegrams ticker as another person), however, I have made the step to not use my own bases for anything other than adopts. In almost all cases, except adopts, everything is drawn from scratch.


While I encourage and actively request that customers stay in contact with me while I am working on their commission, I do ask that communication about the commission does not become too much.Asking every so often is perfectly fine, but when it becomes several times a day, or even every day, especially when I have stated you are further down the queue, will not be tolerated. You will be asked not to be too aggressive with the amount of messages once or twice. If I find you are still hounding me too frequently, I reserve the right to cancel your commission, refund you for any unfinished work (up to the amount of work completed, if no work is completed, then the full amount). It is perfectly fine to contact me frequently about your commission, however, if I have no updates, I will not be able to give you any new information.I will not tolerate name calling, verbal or physical abuse, belittling, gaslighting, pressure to make my prices cheaper, being compared to other artists maliciously, threats, emotional blackmail or blackmail in general. I will also not tolerate my messages being edited by you in screenshots to make it seem like I said I would do something or charge a price I did not.In all of these cases, I reserve the right to refuse to accept your commission, refund you for any unfinished work (in the case of work not started, a full refund) and to black list you from future commissions. I also then reserve the right to let other artists know of your behaviour.I will never make a public beware about you or your actions, but I may forward screenshots of your abuse and harassment to other artists in dms. If they then use those screenshots in a beware, that is on them.If I find I am put in a beware for unreasonable or petty reasons (such as 'they didn't look at my messages for 24 hours!' or 'they didn't accept my commission!'), I reserve the right to reply to said beware with evidence of what actually happened and give my reasons for my actions. If you wish to get a refund, but didn't actually ask me and then make a public beware about me, you will also be blacklisted from future commissions as this is unfair. Let's be responsible with our platforms and other people's reputations please!If I find you are a difficult customer to work with (e.g, takes several days to reply, ignores messages, gives vague answers, asks for an unreasonable amount of changes, asks for unreasonable demands) I may ask you to write a list of all of the changes you want in one go and then state that these will be the final edits. Any further edits (if they are not my own mistake) may incur a further charge. I may refuse to do the extra edits after this list, especially if you are vague, do not give useful answers, ignore messages or take days to reply. This extra charge is to cover the additional time it has taken to contact you and make the edits. In some cases where I am really struggling with you as a client, I reserve the right to cancel your commission and partially refund you for the work that has not been done (or fully if I have not started the work)No time wasters please!


I reserve the right to refuse to accept a commission from you or an associated party for whatever reason I deem fit. I do not HAVE to accept work from a person if I do not wish to - whether it be because I have heard word from another artist of poor commissioner etiquette, to previous harassment, to not feeling up to doing the work.Finally, if you do not accept these Terms of Service in full, I will not accept your commission. If you accept them without reading them fully or at all, that is not an escape clause. Ignorance is not an excuse and we will both be held to them. If you do not agree to these terms of service, do not pay for your invoice! Instead, come to me with your query/question/worry and we can discuss and negotiate if applicable.If you do not agree to these terms of service and would like to discontinue discussions of your commission, please contact me to let me know so that I may cancel your invoice and know to not contact you about the commission again.

If you have fully read this ToS and quote 'POOPSICLE' to me in our DMs with the vowels replaced with numbers (on whatever platform we are using to discuss your commission), you will receive 10% off your FIRST commission as a reward for being a responsible human-being. HOWEVER, if you quote 'POOPSICLE' but do not change the vowels for numbers, you will recieve a £0.69 discount as a consolation prize for not reading this section correctly. If you read the ToS BEFORE paying your invoice and do as stated above, your invoice will be corrected and you will receive your discount. If you do not notice this section on your first commission, you will not receive the discount on your next commission... You should have read them the first time round! >:D I may quizz you on my ToS policies if I suspect you haven't read the ToS properly or have found this by pure chance...<3 Thankyou for reading my ToS FULLY.


Fan Art
Complex Characters
Some Gore & Violence
NSFW (please ask)
Some Kinks (please ask)
Weapons & Props
Action Poses
Dynamic Poses
Shota NSFW
Feral NSFW
Anthro x Human
Extreme Kinks
Sexual Violence
Extreme Violence
Hate Speech

Currently only accepting PAYPAL online.Cash & Card payments accepted in person at events and conventions.


Refined sketches are not as messy as my working sketches but the line art still retains that sketchy quality. A pencil brush is used to give that classic sketch-like quality.

Half Body£35
Full Body£40

Percentage costs for extras are calculated on the base cost of one character. If you are unsure if your character will be classed as complex, please ask. You may be surprised what I DON'T consider complex :DAs standard, you will get a flat colour background, a gradient or a patterned texture. If drawing is required this will cost extra. If you are unsure if your background will be complex, please ask.

Flat Colour+£5
Coloured Lineart+£10
Extra Character
(1st Extra)
Extra Character
(2nd Extra onwards)
Complex Character+50%
Simple Background+50%
Detailed Background+100%


Crisp vector lineart with simple flat colours. Pieces may or may not have a colour filter added over the top to create a pastel or vintage feel (you may request for me not to use one if you'd prefer!)

Half Body£45
Full Body£55

Percentage costs for extras are calculated on the base cost of one character. If you are unsure if your character will be classed as complex, please ask. You may be surprised what I DON'T consider complex :DAs standard, you will get a flat colour background, a gradient or a patterned texture. If drawing is required this will cost extra. If you are unsure if your background will be complex, please ask.

Coloured Lineart+£10
Extra Character
(1st Extra)
Extra Character
(2nd Extra onwards)
Complex Character+50%
Simple Background+50%
Detailed Background+100%


Crisp vector lineart with flat colours and simple cel shading. Cel shading can be hard edged, soft edged, or a mixture of both. Pieces will have one layer of shading and one layer of highlighting

Half Body£65
Full Body£75

Percentage costs for extras are calculated on the base cost of one character. If you are unsure if your character will be classed as complex, please ask. You may be surprised what I DON'T consider complex :DAs standard, you will get a flat colour background, a gradient or a patterned texture. If drawing is required this will cost extra. If you are unsure if your background will be complex, please ask.

Coloured Lineart+£10
Extra Character
(1st Extra)
Extra Character
(2nd Extra onwards)
Complex Character+50%
Simple Background+50%
Detailed Background+100%


This version of shading is much more painterly and less 'harsh' than the cel shaded equivalent. This can be made with either painted lineart (at an additional cost) or crisp vector lineart, your choice.

Please note, this shading method can take a VERY long time and so the prices reflect this.

Half Body£110
Full Body£140

Percentage costs for extras are calculated on the base cost of one character. If you are unsure if your character will be classed as complex, please ask. You may be surprised what I DON'T consider complex :DAs standard, you will get a flat colour background, a gradient or a patterned texture. If drawing is required this will cost extra. If you are unsure if your background will be complex, please ask.

Coloured Lineart+£10
Painted Lineart+£20
Extra Character
(1st Extra)
Extra Character
(2nd Extra onwards)
Complex Character+50%
Simple Background+50%
Detailed Background+100%


As standard, all ref sheets come with he following extras -
2 x Wing View (either left and right or inside and outside)
1 x Eye Close-Up
1 x Mouth/Teeth/Tongue View
1x Tail View
1 x Claw View
4 x Paw Pad View (Will be the shape of the creature on the ref)
Additional extras and views can be purchased as add-ons.NSFW ref sheets are available at no additional cost. You will receive a SFW version of the ref as well as the NSFW ref. I do not make NSFW refs of feral characters or underaged characters.

1 x Body View£80
2 x Body View£120

Currently, I do not offer shaded ref sheets as these are a pain in the butt to work from as an artist (pro-tip, never give an artist a shaded ref, they will not be able to tell what is a marking and what is shading)

Small Extras - EACH
Tails, Mouth, Wings, Arms, Claws, Eyes
Extra Body View or Pose+£40
Extra Head View or Expression+£20
Props / Weapons Simple+£10
Props / Weapons Complex+£20
Simple Clothes View+£20
Complex Clothes View+£30
Alternate Body View (Alternate Markings)+£20
Complex Character+50%


Add some flair to your telegram or twitch with some custom stickers & emotes. These can also be used on discord.

Maximum of 5 stickers per order. Prices are per sticker as stickers are now drawn from scratch for every order - no bases are used.

Half Body£25

Percentage costs for extras are calculated on the base cost of one character. If you are unsure if your character will be classed as complex, please ask. You may be surprised what I DON'T consider complex :DVinyl stickers are printed and cut by myself on my vinyl cutting machine. You may have multiple of 1 design, or multiple images. Minimum of 1 x A4 sheet (which is usually 9 stickers) Additional cost for shipping will be calculated at request and is not included in the below price.

Extra YCH Character (E.G a hug)+£10
Extra Character
(2 characters max)
Cel Shading+50%
Complex Character+50%
Vinyl Stickers
(9 stickers/1 sheet)


As standard, badges come with a crisp vector lineart and simple flat colours with the name of the character. Badges as standard are roughly 15cm tall. Jumbo badges are roughly 22cm tall.Additional cost for shipping will be calculated at request and is not included in the below priceAbove video is an example of a double sided badge. Double sided badges can be made with alternate forms of the same character or the back view of a character.

All badges come with a metal grommet and a programmable NFC tag (hidden on the inside of the badge) which when scanned by a phone or tablet can perform a simple function such as opening a website link. This can be a great way to link your ref sheet or online business card to your badge! It's super convenient if you need to give an artist your ref sheet at a con or event! They will be programmed by me when made but you will be able to reprogram them with your phone and the NFC Tools app.

TypePrice - Single SidedPrice - Double Sided
Half Body£40£55
Full Body£45£60

Percentage costs for extras are calculated on the base cost of one character. If you are unsure if your character will be classed as complex, please ask. You may be surprised what I DON'T consider complex :D

Holographic Overlay
(Single Sided)
Holographic Overlay
(Double Sided)
Cel Shading+£10
Coloured Lineart+£10
Jumbo Badge Upgrade+£5
Complex Character+50%